Why Rent

Aquos Life... Better than Bottled Water!

Pollution – Aquos is committed to the environment. Other filters are made of plastic and most of these filters end up being thrown away and, even worse, sometimes they are bought but never used because they are complicated to install. This process adds to the contamination problem! At Aquos, we rent our filters because whenever your filter is changed, the old filter can be taken to the Aquos facilities, where they are refurbished for reuse to reduce contamination. Most importantly, by using a filter that is well-kept, you reduce your plastic bottle consumption thus helping to reduce the use of plastic contaminants.

Installation – Installation of an in-home water filtration system can be complicated and can lead to a leaking system if installed incorrectly. Aquos will send an expert to install the filter and if there is any trouble with it, they are always available and ready to help.

Money – Good water filtration systems can cost from $320 and up to $650 plus installation. The filters need to be changed every 10 months (it can be dangerous not to change them) and this costs money. By renting our Aquos water filters you stay worry-free from extra charges that come from maintaining the filter. If there are any problems with your filter, even if you need a new one, there is no extra cost for the service. As mentioned above, buying a filter comes with the need to install and maintain it, which can be costly and complicated. By renting, you stay worry-free and let Aquos do it for you!

Most importantly – Aquos is dedicated to saving the environment and stopping pollution due to bottled water. To do this, Aquos needs to be affordable and easy to acquire for anyone who wants to stop polluting. Aquos identified that the best way to do this is by renting.