Aquos Life... Better than Bottled Water!

Q: Where should the Aquos water filter be installed?

Under the sink, behind the fridge or at any water outlet.

Q: How long does the installation take?

It usually takes from 30 to 90 minutes.

Q: When do I start paying for the Aquos system?

On the 15th or 30th of the month, whichever comes sooner after installation.

Q: Is this a 1-year term agreement?

No, there are no contracts or long-term commitments.

Q: Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your service at any time.

Q: Is there any cost involved if I cancel?

No, unless the Aquos system is damaged, broken, or there are missing pieces.

Q: If I recommend Aquos Life to a friend or neighbor, do I get a referral fee?

Yes, for each successful referral you get a free month of our Aquos system, so if you refer 3 friends you can get 3 months of free service. If you refer 6 friends you get 6 months!

Q: How does Aquos Life purify water?

Aquos Life is equipped with 5 filtering stages:

1. Sediments filter

2. Granulated activated carbon

3. Block activated carbon

4. Ultrafiltration hollow fiber membrane with 0.01 microns

5. Taste and odor removal.

After the five stages, your water is ready with all the benefits, perfect alkaline balance, essential minerals, and electrolytes.

Q: How often do filter cartridges need to be changed?

It depends on usage, but usually every 10 to 12 months.

Q: Do all the cartridges have to be changed?

No, but we change them anyway!

Q: How can I request an installation?

You can contact us by phone, email, or contact form that you can find on the Contact Us page.

Q: What types of payment do you accept?

We only accept credit or debit cards

Q: What happens if I am renting the house, can I install Aquos Life?

Although it’s a very simple installation it is always better to ask your landlord first to make sure you are not breaking the leasing agreement.

Q: What happens if I move from one house to another?

If it's in the same area, there is no problem, we help you to uninstall the system from your old place and install it again at the new place.

Q: Do I need electricity to run the system?

No, you don't. Aquos Life water filter systems run without electricity.

Q: If I install 2 systems or more in my house, are there any discounts? How much do I pay?

One filter costs $24.99/month. With 2 filters, you pay $18.99/month for the first filter, plus $24.99/month for the second. With 3, each filter costs $18.99/month.

Q: Is it safe to drink from tap water?

No, it is not safe according to NSF and EPA.

A recent study conducted by NSF International, a global public health and safety organization, revealed that while most U.S. consumers drink tap water (71%) and more than half (55%) are concerned about contaminants in their drinking water, nearly half (42%) do not take steps to filter or treat their home’s drinking water.

Q: It is true that water bottles are not truly healthy?

Yes, it is known that the pH of most commercial brands on bottled water have a high acid level. While this will not harm you in the short run it can harm you in the long run.

Q: If I use Aquos Life, do I help reduce pollution in the sea?

Yes, every time someone starts using Aquos Life, it means fewer water bottles are used, which means less plastic waste in our oceans!

Q: How many gallons of water does a family drink per day? And how many gallons can my system process?

First, we need to define the number of people in the family and their ages, because adults drink more than infants. For an approximation, let's consider a family of 5 in which their water consumption is as follows:

Father: 0.97 gal/day

Mother: 0.71 gal/day

Kid 5-8 years old: 0.264 gal/day

Kid 9-12 years old: 0.396 gal/day

Kid +13 years old: 0.528 gal/day

Meaning: 2.328 gal/day

This number translated to 1 year is: 849.72 gallons and the Aquos Life systems can treat up to 2,500 gallons. While your filter capacity is enough for 2 years, the filters need to be checked every 12 months to ensure proper functioning, but we check them every 10 months to ensure perfect quality.


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