About Us

One Solution to End Pollution!

No More Bottles and Better Water!

Disposable plastic items contribute to the contamination of rivers, lakes, and the ocean; tremendously affecting wildlife. This can be stopped by reducing the consumption of bottled water.

Our Mission

At Aquos Life, we are focussed on reducing pollution caused by plastic water bottles, by offering an innovative solution in water purification with state-of-the-art nanotechnology of the Aquosfibers®. The Aquos Life systems deliver better water quality than bottled water with no plastic consumption at all!

Aquosfibers® is a unique nanotechnology that helps with water ultra purification and eliminates most carcinogens, chlorine, pesticides, and other noxious substances contained in water, without wasting water (unlike reverse osmosis systems, which waste 4 gallons per 1 gallon purified). This, in turn, can alleviate the current situation of plastic bottle pollution and reduce risks, like cancer or other health issues related to these contaminants in tap water.

Are you ready to say goodbye to plastic water bottles? AQUOS — Better life, no more bottles!